Byron Jackson


Byron Jackson, owner and chief meteorologist of Equinox Weather, LLC started studying weather at age 6. He started his meteorology career when he joined the Navy and graduated from “A” School at Keesler Air Force Base in December 1998, and have recently celebrated his 20th Anniversary as a meteorologist.  Byron has prepared forecasts, briefed military pilots, and recorded weather observations across the United States, as well as the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Persian Gulf. Upon getting out of the Navy in 2005, Byron went on to forecast for such websites as NEMAS (now defunct) and, where he was the Seattle, Norfolk, and Indianapolis Weather Examiner.  Byron also produced forecasts for the Muncie Free Press and and currently do so for the latter.  He also posts weather forecasts on the Kokomo Scanner Facebook page.  Byron is married with three sons, one step-daughter, and moved back to the Everett/Mill Creek area in Western Washington in November 2018.

***Personal note***I dedicate this website and the rest of my meteorology career to my grandmother, Ellen Jackson who sadly passed away on September 8, 2014.  Her along with my grandfather, Isaiah Jackson told me to go for my dreams and no matter what they wanted to watch on TV, would let me watch The Weather Channel in their bedroom.  I know that they would be so proud of me taking this big step I am taking now!  I also dedicate this to my wonderful mother, Yvonne Willis who kept pushing me and gave me the discipline and guidance to keep going in doing what I wanted to do from such a young age!  I love you all!