The Future of Equinox Weather

Hi all,

As you may or may not know at this point, but I recently had a health scare in which I spent Thursday and part of Friday in the hospital, and the Friday before that in the ER and in recent months, many more trips to the ER and the hospital.  I’ve had my share of scares in recent months, but none as close as the one on Thursday.  However, because of my scares, I have lost clients and now the future of Equinox Weather is in a bit of peril.  I usually don’t ask for a lot of help, but without new clients, sponsorship’s, or donations, I may have to shut down my business within the next few months.  While many of the products I do provide are free of charge as I think a basic forecast and severe weather coverage should always be provided for free and that will never change, however where I do make my money is through ads on the website, donations, clients, and sponsorship’s.  If you own a small business that depend on weather information, please consider becoming a client for more detailed weather and analysis sent daily to your email or consider getting a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month sponsorship.  This will allow for your business logo to appear on our graphics and get a sponsorship shout out on all posts, and a special spot on our website.  For individuals, please consider getting a monthly subscription for 10 day forecasts for your city to be sent to your email daily.  Finally, if you can not afford a subscription and just want to make a donation, you can do by clicking the link.  While I really want to continue for a long time to come, the costs of my weather subscriptions to radars, software, and other means are adding up, the lack of clients is overall hurting business.  So if you can help in anyway it is most certainly appreciated, but what I could use way more is the continued prayers for continued recovery.  I may get over and recover from this part of my health scare, I still have many others that I have to worry about daily.  God Bless and thank you!