Quick Update To Potential Winter Storm This Weekend

Good morning, we will have a more in depth update this afternoon, but I wanted to do a quick update this morning as in the past two model runs, the track of the low have been trending more southward, which would mean lower snowfall totals and placement of the heaviest snowfall potential will be more to the south.  It remains a bit too early to determine exact snowfall numbers, but I have at least for now removed the heavy snowfall accumulations for portions of central Indiana and replaced it with moderate to heavy snowfall accumulations possible, with lesser totals to the north and south.  There remains a tight snow gradient as there will be a sharp snow cutoff and that area was also moved a bit to the south, with mainly rain for the southern third of the state, with snow mixing in at times, then changing over to all snow before ending.  Still can’t rule out freezing rain for areas south just south of I-70 as well.  So here is the snowfall potential map, again we will have a more detailed update this afternoon, so stay tuned for the update.  slide2