Two Special Announcements: Expansion in Coverage Areas and New Promos

Good morning, this will not be your typical weather update blog post, but more an update on things to come soon with Equinox Weather.  Beginning May 15th, we will resume covering for Southern Indiana, so that now all of Central and Southern Indiana from roughly Kokomo southward will be covered in daily forecasts, severe weather updates, and more.  So we will be having new promotes for our friends in Southern Indiana to like the page.

Even bigger, beginning either June 15 or July 1, we will expand a bit east and begin to cover southwest Ohio weather.  We are looking for new maps for southwest Ohio, which is why this will take longer to get things started for that neck of the woods.  So if you have friends or family that live in Southern Indiana or Southwest Ohio, let them know that we will be soon covering the weather for those areas.  Expansion beyond Southwest Ohio, who knows, depends on how much we continue to grow.

Which leads to the second announcement, as you may or may not know, that I am in this business not only to give you all the more quality weather information, but to provide businesses who depend on the weather customized weather information.  I do have a family to feed you know.  I also depend on my sponsors as well!  So for the rest of May, I am offering the following promos to get businesses not only to become a sponsor, but to build a client base as well…

Promo #1 all clients who agree to have their weather services provided from Equinox Weather will have a BOGO type deal, based on length of contract.  A three month contract, will grant you two free months, while a six month contract will get you four free months, and a year contract, well you get six months free.  Email me byron.jackson@equionxweather for more details.

Promo #2 is for those who have an interest in becoming a sponsor with Equinox Weather.  The fees for current sponsorship is as follows:  $150 for one month, $375 for three months, $600 for six months, and $900 for a year.  Businesses, or even individuals can become an Equinox Weather sponsor.  But here is where the promo comes in effect.  A three month sponsorship will net you one month free, six month sponsorship will get you two months free, and a year sponsorship, well, you get four months free.

All of this to continue to have Equinox Weather grow, provide better products, hire people to bring more forecasts, which could lead to further expansion, and much more.  One thing that I will promise, the daily regional forecasts, watches, warnings, forecast updates will remain free all the time, I will never charge individuals for these products, but there could be a small charge for customized forecasts.

Special thanks for the 2,766 people who like the Equinox Weather Facebook page, the 2,283 people who follow me on Twitter, and now I have expanded to include Instagram, so you can like Equinox Weather there as well.  We hope to be your source of weather information for a long time to come.  Thank you and God Bless!

Byron Jackson,

Meteorologist/Owner/Operator, Equinox Weather, LLC