Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Portland, Oregon

The Portland metropolitan area has a plethora of resources for individuals in recovery from addiction. Certified drug rehab facilities and addiction treatment centers in the Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington tricounty area can help you begin recovery today.

Rehab Centers, AA & NA Meetings in Portland, OR

You can recover from addiction by seeking treatment in Portland. Several rehabilitation facilities offer a diverse array of treatment options in the tricounty area near Oregon’s largest city. Hundreds of support group and recovery meetings are available every week in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties.

News In Portland, OR

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Drug Trends in Portland

Heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription drugs are among the most common illicit drugs confiscated by law enforcement in Portland. Heroin seizures by the Portland Police Bureau increased by more than 900 percent between 2013 and 2015. Methamphetamine seizures increased by more than 500 percent, and prescription pill seizures grew by almost 700 percent during the same time frame.

Drugs Seized by the Portland Police Bureau
Drug 2013 2014 2015
Cocaine 11,834g 80,816g 6,809g
Crack 27g 107g 1,066g
Heroin 6,027g 37,262g 62,227g
Meth 21,840g 34,620g 135,426g
Marijuana 238,103g 341,586g 287,571g
Prescription Drugs 3,488g 4,905g 27,471g

Source: The City of Portland Police Bureau

Marijuana and cocaine seizures have fluctuated in recent years, but crack seizures grew dramatically between 2013 and 2015. Drug trafficking is common in open-air markets in Old Town, Water Front Park, Pioneer Square and Lloyd Center, according to the Oregon High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program. People in recovery should stay away from those areas to avoid triggers and temptations.

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Youth Drug Trends

Marijuana, alcohol, e-cigarettes and cigarettes are the most common substances of abuse among Multnomah County 11th-graders, according to the 2016 Oregon Student Wellness Survey.

Past-month Use of Substances, Multnomah County 11th-Graders, 2016

Alcohol (At least one drink)
Alcohol (Five or more drinks in a row)
E-cigarette, vape pen, e-hookah
Prescription drugs (without a prescription)
Hookah Tobacco
Other tobacco
Synthetic marijuana

Source: 2016 Oregon Student Wellness Survey

The majority of high school students surveyed said that at least one parent had talked to them about the dangers of substance use. Most had also seen a prevention advertisement and had been in a class related to alcohol or drug use in school.

The Recovery Village Ridgefield

Our facility is located in the quiet town of Ridgefield, less than 30 minutes from Vancouver, Washington, and less than one hour from Portland, Oregon. Our team is composed of experienced physicians, board certified staff members and industry-leading specialists trained to provide comprehensive care.

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Treatment and Intervention Services near Portland

In addition to rehab facilities, Portland is home to several treatment, intervention and referral programs. Most of the programs can refer individuals to rehab if necessary.

Multnomah County Crisis Line

Portland area residents can call the Multnomah County Crisis Line for help during mental health emergencies. The crisis line provides referrals to low-cost substance abuse and mental health services. It also offers information about community resources.

Multnomah County STOP Drug Court

The Multnomah County Sanctions Treatment Opportunities Progress Drug Court is one of the oldest drug courts in the country. Individuals charged with a felony drug possession crime are eligible for the program, which includes one year of court appearances, group therapy participation, drug tests and other programming.

College Services

Colleges and universities in the Portland area provide prevention, outreach and counseling services for students affected by substance abuse and addiction.

Portland State University logo

Portland State University

Student Health and Counseling Services at Portland State University provides individual, group and crisis counseling services for students and staff. Therapists and counselors at Portland State can also provide medication and referral services when appropriate.

University of Portland logo

University of Portland

Students at the University of Portland have access to free mental health counseling, cognitive testing and nutritional counseling services. The university’s Health Center also provides a wellness education and prevention program, a substance abuse prevention program and a violence prevention program.

Concordia University logo

Concordia University

Concordia University’s Counseling Services provides mental health education, training and prevention services. Full-time students can receive free individual, couples or group counseling. The university works with employees suffering from addiction through its Voluntary Employee Substance Abuse Assistance Program or by placing them on Involuntary Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Leave.

Oregon Health and Science University logo

Oregon Health & Science University

Students at Oregon Health & Science University have access to psychologists and a psychiatric assessment at the Joseph B. Trainer Health & Wellness Center. There are also Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on campus, and faculty can receive mental health assistance through the Resident & Faculty Wellness Program.

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Recovery Resources near Portland

The Portland area has several resources to aid people in recovery from addiction during and after treatment. Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties possess a variety of drug-free activities and opportunities to help you thrive during recovery.

Sober Living Homes

Individuals in early recovery are less likely to relapse if they live in environments that are free of alcohol and other drugs. Portland has numerous sober living homes that house residents dedicated to living substance-free lives.

Bridges to CHANGE
  • Housing in Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington and Marion counties
  • Must have 90 days of sobriety
  • Must have no history of arson or sex crimes
Come Rest Awhile
  • Women only
  • AA meeting attendance required
  • On-site laundry
  • Cable and internet access
  • House manager with recovery experience
Central City Concern Alcohol and Drug Free Housing
  • On-site staff
  • Information and referral services
  • Referrals to substance abuse counseling
  • Health and nutrition education
  • Employment service education
Knapp House
  • Six locations
  • Weekly house meetings
  • Recovery program participation required
  • Rotating chore duties
  • On-site laundry
  • Must be employed or searching for employment
Oxford Houses
  • Peer-run homes
  • More than 40 locations in Portland
  • Housing options for men and children, women and children, men only and women only
  • Democratic rule-making procedures

Alcohol and Drug-Free Activities in Portland

In between treatment and support group meetings, there are plenty of safe ways to have fun in Portland. The city is home to various entertainment venues and unique restaurants

Music in Portland Oregon


Listen to live music from a wide array of genres at venues in Portland. You can listen to bluegrass at Laurelthirst Public House, punk rock at The Know, jazz at Jimmy Mak’s or R&B at Goodfoot. If you’re visiting in April, you can also enjoy Soul’d Out music festival shows at Wonder Ballroom, Mississippi Studios and other locations.

Film Festivals in Portland Oregon

Film Festivals

Portland is a hub of cinema, featuring film festivals almost every month of the year. Premier events include the Portland International Film Festival in February, the Portland Women’s Film Festival in March, the Faux Film Festival in April, the Reel Music Film Festival in October and the Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival in November.

Film Festivals in Portland Oregon
Food Carts in Portland Oregon

Food Carts

You’ll never go hungry in Portland. With more than 600 food carts, Portland was declared the world’s best city for street food by CNN. Must-visit pods include Alder pod downtown, the Fifth Avenue Pod on the MAX Line, the Third Avenue Pod, the Portland State University Pod by South Park Blocks and the Mississippi Marketplace pod on North Mississippi Avenue.

Person posing on walk bridge in front of waterfall

Community Prevention Organizations

Grassroots and volunteer-based organizations strive to promote healthy activities and reduce drug abuse throughout the Portland metropolitan area.

Community Actions to Reduce Substance Abuse

The Community Action to Reduce Substance Abuse coalition strives to prevent alcohol and drug abuse in Portland’s greater metropolitan area. The coalition comprises civic leaders and community volunteers who develop and implement campaigns designed to change attitudes about substance abuse.

Big Village

The mission of Big Village is to reduce underage substance abuse through educational campaigns and advocacy efforts. The organization is composed of a Safe Nightlife Committee, which reaches out to local businesses, and a Youth Empowerment Committee, which reaches out to teens and families.

East Portlanders Inspiring Change

East Portlanders Inspiring Change (EPIC) and its child organization EPIC YOUTH promote a healthy and drug-free community in East Portland. EPIC and EPIC Youth work together to implement peer monitoring and classroom education programs. They also participate in a variety of community service projects.

Hillsboro Empowers Youth Together

Serving the greater Hillsboro area, Hillsboro Empowers Youth Together (HEY!) is a nonprofit that works to prevent alcohol and drug abuse. The organization is composed of local business, health providers, law enforcement, media, schools and community members.

Tigard Turns the Tide

On the outskirts of the Portland metro area, the Tigard Turns the Tide coalition has successfully influenced drug and alcohol abuse trends in Tigard. Tigard Turns the Tide implements educational strategies and partners with educators, community leaders and law enforcement.

Clackamas County Prevention Coalition

The mission of the Clackamas County Prevention Coalition is to promote healthy, safe communities and positive youth development with an emphasis on preventing and reducing teen substance abuse. It comprises several organizations throughout the county and oversees and assists coalitions in Estacada, Gladstone, Milwaukie and Oregon City.

Clackamas County Strategic Prevention Framework Taskforce

The Strategic Prevention Framework Taskforce leads the county’s fight against heavy drinking and binge drinking among adults ages 18 to 25. The task force is composed of law enforcement, nonprofits, government agencies and other organizations that strive to change retail availability of alcohol, social availability and community norms regarding alcohol.

Tualatin Together

Tualatin Together promotes healthy lifestyles for youth and families by engaging the community with drug and alcohol abuse prevention activities. The organization relies on volunteers and is looking for youth leaders for its Tualatin High School Stand Up group and a group at Hazelbrook Middle School.

Beaverton Together

Beaverton Together has been serving the Beaverton community since 1990. It continues to support youth substance abuse prevention initiatives by relying on volunteers to alter community norms about underage drinking, hold youth accountable for parties involving alcohol and to spread awareness about the dangers of alcohol.

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Portland, OR, Government Prevention Efforts

Local governments in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties have established several programs to prevent tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse near Portland. The counties support and help coordinate addiction services and intervention efforts.

Multnomah County

Multnomah County Mental Health and Addiction Services

Multnomah County works with private, public and nonprofit organizations to support alcohol, drug and gambling addiction prevention efforts. The county’s Mental Health Call Center provides 24-hour crisis intervention and outreach services. The call canter also helps individuals find affordable, certified treatment.

Multnomah County Prevention Services

Multnomah County’s Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Services strives to prevent substance abuse in high-risk families. The county provides safe after-school activities and family engagement programs. Its Safe Neighborhood Advocacy Partnership works to reduce underage drinking and marijuana use.

Clackamas County

Clackamas County PreventNet

The Clackamas County PreventNet is a network of schools, nonprofits, community members and government agencies created by the Children, Youth & Families Division. The network provides prevention and intervention services in schools and endeavors to reduce alcohol and drug use, in addition to other problems.

Clackamas County Social Norms Project

The Children, Youth, and Families’ Social Norms Project strives to correct the misconception that most teens use alcohol and other drugs. The project works with teachers to promote healthy and positive activities in Milwaukie, Canby, Sandy and at Clackamas Community College.

Clackamas County Teen Mentor Program

The Clackamas County Teen Mentor Program is designed for elementary school children who are in need of positive attention. Local teens mentor the children for one hour each week to help them develop leadership skills and improve social awareness. The goal is to help children avoid alcohol, drugs and other unhealthy behavior.

Washington County

Washington County Addiction Services

Washington County Addiction Services delivers presentations on the nature of addiction, gambling addiction and public health education. It also provides free educational material on the consumption of alcohol, illicit drugs and tobacco. The county’s health department also ensures cost is not a barrier to addiction treatment.

Washington Alcohol and Drug Prevention Program

The Washington County Alcohol and Drug Prevention Program promotes a healthy environment by coordinating various efforts aimed at reducing underage drinking and drug use. The county works with partners to provide youth surveys, parenting classes and student assistance programs.

Washington County Tobacco Prevention and Education

The Washington County Tobacco Prevention and Education Program delivers information, education and outreach initiatives regarding tobacco use. The program also assists in establishing smoke-free environments in workplaces, multiunit housing environments, parks and other outdoor areas.

Portland city with mountain range view

Learning and Employment Opportunities

Several organizations in the Portland area offer adult education, job skills training and career opportunities to help individuals obtain meaningful employment.

Portland Rescue Mission

The Portland Rescue Mission provides vocational training, service opportunities and experience in a variety of fields, including landscaping and janitorial services. The organization provides mentors that help participants develop career plans.

Multnomah County Library

The Multnomah County Library provides free study materials, databases and online resources to prepare residents for the GED test. Online resources include a live tutor, practice tests and tools to improve job skills.

Dahl Family Youth Education and Career Development Center

Teens and young adults between the ages of 16 and 24 can pursue learning opportunities and career training programs at the Dahl Family Youth Education and Career Development Center. The center also provides GED testing and college preparation programs.

Portland Community College

The Adult Basic Education Department at Portland Community College provides GED prep courses, flexible class schedules and classes for basic reading, writing and math. The school also has an occupational skills training program that helps participants prepare for future jobs.

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